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The Haitian Legal Network, inc.

L'union fait la force

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Jean-Jacques Dessalines

"We have dared to be free. Let us dare to be so by ourselves and for ourselves."

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The Haitian legal network inc. partners with nonprofit organizations, community leaders and elected officials to develop linguistically and culturally responsive, pro bono legal immigration services for low-income undocumented Haitian immigrants. We also create and translate educational immigration legal resources for undocumented Haitian immigrants and nonprofit immigration organizations and community-based organizations who serve the Haitian community.

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Experience Haitian Legal Network

The Haitian Legal Network, inc. collaborates with community-based organizations, community leaders, elected officials, and community leaders to develop and deliver linguistically and culturally responsive immigration services to Haitian immigrants and community-based nonprofit organizations who serve them.

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The Haitian Legal network, inc. works hard to ensure that at the end of a long, difficult journey to America, Haitian immigrants can have access to quality, trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically responsive immigration legal services.

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Ways We Help

The Haitian Legal Network, inc. is working to revolutionize the pro bono legal immigration service model in order to ensure that low-income Haitian immigrants have access to quality legal immigration services. We make sure our partners are empowered by providing them with client-facing educational legal resources, translated to Haitian creole and guidance regarding the cultural norms of the Haitian community, to help them communicate respectfully and effectively with the community they seek to serve. We do this in the following three ways.

Create and translate educational immigration legal resources and presentations for Haitian immigrants

Partner with nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, government agencies, elected officials and community leaders to develop and implement trauma-informed, culturally and linguistically responsive legal immigration services and programs for Haitian immigrants.  

Develop immigration service models that are linguistically and culturally responsive for Haitian immigrants

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